Timber used is Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). High density foam is covered with 200 gram polyester, providing a soft, padded effect. The back of the bedhead is fully upholstered in ivory cotton providing a neat appearance and concealing fabric turning and piping tails.

Heather is designed to be mounted on the wall so that the base of the bedhead is level with the top of the mattress. The mounting bracket is inset into the back of the framework so the bedhead sits flush with the wall. All the other styles (aside Genevieve) can be mounted to the wall for extra stability.

Yes! We can source virtually any fabric from any supplier. If you have something specific in mind let us help you find it. If you are in Melbourne, pop into our showroom, we have thousands of fabrics to select from.

We have separated our fabric ranges into 3 price groups – classic, designer and signature. This is not an indication of the quality or longevity of the fabric, simply to make the selection process easier for you if you have a budget in mind.

Yes. We can custom make to your designs. Simply send us the picture and we will provide you with a quote.

Yes. Contact us for pricing. King single is almost the same as double size.

Yes, all bedheads and beds are covered by a 2 year structural warranty.  If you discover a structural imperfection with your bedhead please contact us immediately. Please note that many fabrics have natural imperfections as part of their overall appearance and do not constitute a fault.  All fabrics will fade if directly exposed to sunlight and fading is not covered in your warranty.

All ourbedheads (excluding Heather and Wall Panels) can sit on the floor between the mattress and bed (no attachment to mattress) or for greater stability, bedheads can be attached to the wall. All our bedheads are supplied with a split timber bracket, to enable wall mounting. For all BQ bedheads (except Matilda and Honor) the wall mounting bracket is recessed into the back of the bedhead. To sit flushed to the wall the bedhead must be placed above the skirting board and wall mounted or sit on the floor with a skirting board cut-out included in the bedhead (no charge) if skirting boards are present. For Matilda and Honor bedheads, the bedhead sits 20mm away from the wall when wall mounted or placed on floor between the mattress and wall. Please ensure walls are strong enough to hold 15-50kg of bedhead weight if wall mounting.

Please refer previous page forto our ‘standard sizes’ page. Customised sizes available on request with maximum height 1700mm and width 2100mm.

To avoid seams we railroad fabric (turning sideways), where fabric style/pattern allows. All the fabrics on our website will be made railroaded.If you select something with a pattern we will discuss this with your further.

The pricing for a ‘non standard size’ listed is for fabrics within the ‘classic’ range. If you have selected a ‘designer’ or ‘signature’ fabric then we will contact you to discuss the final price. This is because the standard fabric width is 137cm wide and depending on your height we will require more fabric.


Measure from the floor to the bottom of the mattress. We suggest taking a 5mm deduction so it just clears the floor. Don’t worry, we call everyone who orders a valance to reconfirm the sizes and ensure a perfect fit.

Ideal for: Plain fabrics and patterned fabrics that can be
easily joined

Quilting process: The fabric is quilted first with straight evenly spaced horizontal lines to create channels. We then cut and sew your fabric according to the style of your bedding. This ensures that any fabric joins are concealed in the stitched channel. When joining fabric we are unable to obtain perfect pattern match.

Ideal for: Plain and patterned fabrics.
Quilting process: First we cut and join the fabric and then we quilt, providing pattern and quilting match. Fabric joins will be exposed on plain fabrics.


Overall height is from the very top of the curtain to the bottom of them hem. Most sheer fabrics have a maximum height of 2700mm (or 3000mm for the antipodes fabric) due to fabric width.

Yes we can! We can make a curtain up to 4.5m tall however we will need to run the fabric with vertical seams to enable the height. If you are looking for a very wide width sheer try Antipodes.


Yes. If you live outside a metro area please contact us for a quote. We frequently deliver to regional areas.

The usual delivery time is 4-5 weeks. If the fabric you select happens to be temporarily out of stock we will contact you and advise the lead-time. We will always update you along the way with timings.

No. We just ship within Australia.