Custom Made Linen Bedheads From Melbourne

Make your bedroom as beautiful as the rest of your home. Design Haven hand makes a range of tailor made upholstered bedheads to suit all sizes. Our fabric bed heads are a perfect addition to any room, no matter the style of décor. From simply designed square units to more traditional Georgian or Queen Anne styles, there are padded fabric bed heads to suit every home and every home-owner.

We create some of the most beautiful tailor made padded bed heads in Melbourne, always aiming to exceed our clients’ expectations and make every facet of their life – including getting a good night’s rest – a beautiful experience. Made from our usual high standard of fabric, our padded linen creations elevate your bed to a design feature, allowing your interior decoration choices to reach every corner of the room.

Browse our range of custom made bedheads and discover something truly extraordinary for your home. Make your space your own with expert help from a quality Australian upholsterer.

Beautiful fabric and linen creations from a respected workshop

In business since the beginning of the 20th century, Design Haven is a respected and talented Melbourne upholsterer. Since the 1920s, we’ve been providing the country with high quality upholstered goods to beautify their homes and add comfort to their lives. Our belief is that form and function can co-exist, and that beautiful things can and should be a very real and tactile part of people’s lives.

From cushions padded with feathers or polyester to curtains to add warmth and depth to any room’s décor, we make and sell it all, shipping Australia-wide. Our policy is that only the very best upholstered products leave our workshop for our customers’ homes. We work to extremely stringent standards to ensure that each piece is of the very best quality and standard.

For more information on our entire range, including our upholstered bedheads, check out our website or get in touch. Send us a message through our contact page or via email at, or call our Melbourne location directly on 03 9596 2335. Order our products to suit any bedhead from Single to Super King, and enjoy a night’s sleep like never before.

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Tip – if you are viewing this on an iPad or iPhone turn to landscape orientation Looking for a relaxed bedhead? The Sienna comes with 10mm flanged edges and is terrific for beach houses and relaxed bedrooms. Select a linen fabric and enjoy your relaxed haven! Standard Height: 1200mm Standard Width: Single:1100mm/ Double 1580mm/ Queen 1730mm/ King 2030mm


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